Why are SMS routes not available?

Trying to help a friend setup a new SIM card on hologram and he can’t add a SMS route? What’s going on?


I found the thread discussing why SMS routes are no longer available for new users. Hope you can sort this out. My product requires this service and I was inviting beta uses to sign up with their own accounts. Going forward, I would expect that I would provision all users directly from my account. Can we move my friends SIM card to my account to enable SMS routes? How would you prefer that I proceed?


If you email success@hologram.io they can help with transferring the SIM.
Yeah, for the foreseeable future, we’re going to need to keep that service a little locked down to prevent problems but you’re welcome to keep using it on your account.


I made the request to transfer the SIM last Friday but I haven’t heard anything. Is there anything you can do to push things along?


Hey @alano,

You can follow the instructions on this guide to transfer SIMs. If you run into any incompatible plan issues it likely means that an Edition wasn’t selected on the new organization. To do that simply hit the Activate SIM button which will prompt you to select an Edition after which you can leave that flow and transfer the SIM.

When this request was placed was the email addressed used the email that is currently associated to the SIM? For the security of our users all change requests have to come directly from the email address that is linked to the SIM and have to be explicit. This guide is a good example of how to word those request.

For quick self service help I recommend looking at our Help Center.


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