Xbee LTE-M/NB-IoT Notes

I have been testing the XBee LTE-M/NB-IoT modem. I was not able to get the device to send messages to the hologram. I was using the API interface to try to send a message to cloudsocket.hologram.io:9999. The modem would attempt to send, then time out with the error “No Server”.
After seeing a message here from @Steven I went through the work to update the modem to the latest version. It required both firmware and a modem firmware update. It took about 45 minutes to do the update.
After the update, it worked perfectly.

I just wanted to post in case anyone else has the same problem. :wink:

Glad I could could help give you a directions. I really like the xbee. It’s a slick little device, well documented, and the XCTU tool is very helpful in testing communications and responses before I write the software. I’m working with the ESP32 to build mult threaded communications using API mode.

It is a nice modem, I love the form factor. I am on the fence on weather to use in my product. It doesn’t support PPP interface on UART, only USB. I would need to decide if I just want to stick with the API interface. If I use Nimbelink modem I can use PPP and give me more flexibility.

However, I have a few other applications the it might be a good fit and I can do everything in MicroPython.

Either way real happy with Hologram. I am in the process of moving away from Particle hardware due to their push to move everyone onto their Cellular plan.