ZX303 Chinese tracker

Has someone used the ZX303 Chinese tracker with Hologram SIM?. I was trying putting the APN as the SIM card says: hologram (no user, no password) with SMS and my previous local SIM, the SMS command was APN#hologram# with good answer from the device (using my local SIM) but when the SIM was swapped, the tracker didn’t work. The solution that I found was using my local SIM and sending the SMS command: APN (to delete it) and then apply a power cycle in the ZX303 device. With this, the tracker didn’t send the position using the local SIM. After that, I swapped the SIMs and Hologram SIM worked properly.

If you noticed that the ZX303 device has not APN registered, you’re right, but until now, I don’t know how to verify the APN under use on my device, but as I told you, the Hologram SIM is working on ZX303 device, maybe could be the same with other Chinese devices like ZX302 or ZX612.

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