About the Hardware (and firmware) category

Hardware is a key piece of the Hologram solution; not just the devices we manufacture and sell but interfacing to a range of 3rd party hardware that exists in the electronics ecosystem. Understanding how to go from low level electron pushing to sending packets to the internet is a long journey and this category is meant to make that easier.

We also included “firmware” and “SDKs” in the subcategories, but please ask about the firmware/SDK for the device in question. Have a question about your sketch on a Dash? Ask it in the Dash category! Having trouble working with a modem made by someone else? That belongs in the 3rd party cellular hardware category!

This is a high level category for other categories on the Hologram Community Forum, it helps to organize subcategories; users are not able to post directly in this category.

The Hardware category refers to the bits and atoms out in the world transmitting and collecting data. The Software Tools category encompasses the range of services that exist on the “internet” side of the cell towers. The Connectivity category refers to all of the services that make transmitting possible via the layers of transport involved in cellular communication.