Hardware (and firmware)

Dash <a href="https://hologram.io/dash/">The Hologram Dash</a> is a multi-processor solution that allows users to interface with the real world via firmware. This category covers the questions users have about the Dash and the firmware that lives onboard. Hologram Shields (deprecated) Hologram (nee Konekt) formerly produced various "shields" for non-cellular hardware. This category covers questions and thoughts about those former products. SDK The Hologram Python Device SDK provides a simple way for devices to connect and communicate with the Hologram or other IoT platforms. You can activate, provision, send messages, receive inbound access connections, send/receive SMS, and setup secure tunnels. Nova The <a href="https://hologram.io/nova/">Hologram Nova</a> is a USB modem that allows a range of Single Board Computers (SBCs) to quickly connect to the internet over cellular. This is integrated with our <a href="https://hologram.io/docs/reference/cloud/python-sdk/">Python SDK</a> and allows connecting with ease via a Python script or via the Command Line Interface (CLI). 3rd Party Cellular Hardware Hardware doesn't live in a vacuum! And neither does the Hologram SIM! This section of the forum is about getting your non-Hologram hardware connected. An example of this is <a href="http://simcomm2m.com/En/module/detail.aspx?id=138">the SIM800L</a>, a low cost (soon to be defunct because it's 2G) modem.
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