Hardware (and firmware)

Nova The Hologram Nova is a USB modem that allows a range of Single Board Computers (SBCs) to quickly connect to the internet over cellular. This is integrated with our Python SDK and allows connecting with ease via a Python script or via the Command Line Interface (CLI). Hologram Shields (deprecated) Hologram (nee Konekt) formerly produced various "shields" for non-cellular hardware. This category covers questions and thoughts about those former products. SDK The Hologram Python Device SDK provides a simple way for devices to connect and communicate with the Hologram or other IoT platforms. You can activate, provision, send messages, receive inbound access connections, send/receive SMS, and setup secure tunnels. 3rd Party Cellular Hardware Hardware doesn't live in a vacuum! And neither does the Hologram SIM! This section of the forum is about getting your non-Hologram hardware connected. An example of this is the SIM800L, a low cost (soon to be defunct because it's 2G) modem. Dash The Hologram Dash is a multi-processor solution that allows users to interface with the real world via firmware. This category covers the questions users have about the Dash and the firmware that lives onboard.
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