About the Hologram APIs category


The Hologram APIs exists to allow access to your data once it has been sent to the Hologram Data Engine. Users can pass messages and read back values for processing or displaying in custom or 3rd party services.

This category is separate from the Hologram Data Engine, because of how we think users will be using each. Hologram APIs will be used by analytics and front end developers to take and reshape that data after the fact; the data engine will likely be an interface for device makers/developers to capture their data.

We expect people who are regularly processing data with Hologram’s capabilities to be posting in this part of the community forum. If you have issues with the device sending data into the Data Engine, check out the Hardware category; that includes Hologram hardware and 3rd party hardware. If you’re having trouble actually getting hooked up to the network, check out the Connectivity category. That will include things like cellular and SIM card troubleshooting.