Advanced Webhook Routing GPS coordinates to server

I have a pi at home running home assistant and wish to use a Dash with GPS to log my cars location and battery voltage etc.
Home assistant has an API for an android app so i’m using this API but having great difficulty configuring the routing.
When I’m close to getting the routing correct I get "A connection error occurred sending data via webhook"
This below is my latest attempt;

Destination URL;<<decdata>>&device=<<device_id>>

Payload; NONE

Actual data sent from Dash; {“latitude”:"-36.9217",“longitude”:“161.6923”,“accuracy”:“1”,“battery”:“211”}

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there - we sometimes see that error when the destination server is unreachable for some reason. This could be due to things such as the server connection not staying open long enough, an expired SSL certificate, etc. Are you able to access the server outside of the Hologram message router to test?

The formatting and setup of your route looks good - it should be performing variable replacement of <<decdata>> and <<device_id>> within the url parameters.

Yes if I replace the <> and <<device_id>> with actual data I can paste the same destination directly into the address bar of any browser and it gets through to my home assistant.
Is it possible my self signed certificates are being rejected by your server’s?

Hey @roy13,

Yes, self-signed certificates are rejected, because there’s no way for the server to confirm the identity of the other end of the tunnel; thus, there’s virtually no added privacy benefit (at least no privacy guarantee, and some regulations/expectations mandate SSL/TLS certificate authority signing in some cases).

Consider it like this:

  1. Hologram Cloud sees you are using HTTPS, so privacy appears to be a goal
  2. Hologram Cloud sees that there’s no way to prove the identity of the message recipient, so it doesn’t send the payload, due to #1

The two solutions are either to use HTTP or to obtain a certificate-authority–signed certificate. You can obtain free signed certificates from LetsEncrypt including customizing their expiration dates.


Hey @roy13,

I can’t help much with Home Assistant, but I’ve built my own app to track my cars that I’ve been using for awhile now and I’m in the process of opening it up to other people to use. If you are interested in trying it out, let me know and I’ll shoot you over the URL. I’m also working on a tutorial to use with the Dash as well as a mobile version.

That would be excellent as i was looking at having the dash post directly to my HTTPS next. Anything already built saves so many hours, just small customisation’s to suit.

Hey @roy13, I apologize I wasn’t tracking this conversation so never got a notification that you had replied. Are you still interested? Shoot me an email