API/Dashboard Updates


This thread will be used by our engineers to post details on new features that we’ve deployed in the API or Device Portal.
This thread is only a log and won’t allow replies, but feel free to reply as a linked topic to ask any questions.


Deployed today:

  • Improvements to shipping pricing
  • Updates to many of the libraries we use behind-the-scenes


Deployed today:

  • Better descriptions for new transactions in your account balance history
  • New API endpoint: GET /1/orders to view order history
  • Bug fixes


Deployed this morning:

  • Improvements to order history API endpoint
  • Smarter method for requesting a SIM deactivation via API (POST /api/1/links/cellular//state “state” : “deactivate”)


Deployed tonight:

  • Major restructuring of the codebase for the device portal. Should make it load faster and make it way easier for us to add features.
  • Some styling improvements to the device portal

Some very cool stuff in the pipeline now that we have this out of the way!

Also, forgot to mention on Friday that we deployed a major update to our carrier integration system that should make SIM card activations and state changes propagate much faster.


Deployed today:

  • Add ability to edit and delete CSR rules in the API and on the topics page of the portal
  • Add page with order history
  • Fix some styling issues
  • Fix some issues with redirects that were breaking the verification page on Safari


Deployed tonight:

  • We now enforce a minimum credit card charge of $5. If you activate a SIM for less than that and don’t have money in your account to cover it, then we will charge your card for $5 and put the extra money in your account balance to use for monthly renewals or data charges or future purchases.
  • API bug fixes


Deployed Friday/Yesterday:

  • Much more detailed order history page including tracking information for shipments


Deployed today:

  • Fix API security issue


Deployed Today:

  • Improved styling in store
  • Made activation page simpler and clearer and added pop-up documentation about plans and zones


Deployed end of last week:

  • New field for people to record the type of device they are using with each SIM. Eventually this will allow us to put some helpful documentation on the page and possibly some device-specific features.


Deployed today:

  • Messenger is now available even when user is logged out
  • Clean up auto refill form and add Disable button
  • Improved error messages when setting auto refill parameters
  • Added separate plans for Kickstarter backers so they can get the exact pricing listed on the KS page. These will show up automatically for all backers.
  • API supports requesting expedited shipping. Will be supported in store soon.
  • “Other” Device types will be removed from the user’s dropdown if they are no longer attached to any of their devices


Deployed today:

  • API bug fixes (includes fix to issue that was causing portal to get stuck in loading state in certain error cases)


Deployed today:

  • Plan information added to /devices API endpoint
  • Plan information displayed on device page on dashboard
  • Some styling changes


Deployed today:

  • Added a button to the device page to pause and resume data service on the SIM card. (If a SIM is paused you’ll still pay the monthly fee, but won’t accrue any data usage charges.)


Deployed today:

  • Minor security fix
  • Fix issue with zone 2 activations


Fixes over the last few days:

  • Fix some icon issues on the device info page
  • Fix a bug where the device info page might randomly create a new, blank device in the account
  • Fix an issue on our carrier integration that was getting some SIM cards stuck in the paused state if they were paused and resumed in quick succession
  • API change: /devices/:id endpoint for updating a device is now a PUT instead of a POST
  • Fix to API to allow us to redirect away from invalid dashboard subdomains


Deployed today:

  • Restructure our carrier integration backend to improve stability and make activations and other operations faster
  • Fix a bunch of bugs with the dashboard login system and the store checkout process


Deployed last night:

  • We are now collecting sales tax for all orders that ship to Illinois.
  • konekt.io/store will now offer multiple shipping options for those who want to get their orders faster


Deployed today:

  • Added API endpoint for doing large numbers of activations at once much quicker than before
  • Start tracking networks that a SIM is connected to. (Now in /devices endpoint. Will be added to dashboard soon.)
  • Fix issue where the store and the dashboard weren’t sharing a login session