API/Dashboard Updates


Deployed tonight:

  • Fix some efficiency and reliability issues in the API and our carrier integrations
  • Fix bug with phone number purchases not working
  • Fix issue with SMS via purchased phone number not working


Deployed tonight (and over the last week or so):

  • Added multi-language support to dashboard and store
  • Make activation page look nicer
  • Many API bug fixes


Deployed today:

  • You can now view the last network seen and last connection time by each SIM on the device info page. (There’s about a 15 minute delay on that.)
  • Device list will now show all of your devices. (Fix a bug where it was only showing last 50 before.)


Deployed today:

  • Cool customizable columns in the dashboard devices list
  • API efficiency improvements
  • Improvements to some API error cases


Deployed Today:

  • Awesome new device information page. Click on your device in the list and now you can see a graph of usage information, send SMS, and more with much better formatting than before.


Deployed today:

  • Better error handling for SMS
  • Efficiency improvements to ordering process


Deployed today:

  • Billing change. SIM usage is now billed in 25 cent increments until the last half hour before expiration and then it is billed in 1 cent increments. Previously it was 10 cent increments for the whole month.


Deployed over the last couple days:

  • Some small performance improvements and bug fixes


Deployed today:

  • Smarter paging for the usage data API endpoints
  • Add simrange filter to /links/cellular endpoint to query for all SIMs within a range of SIM numbers
  • Improvements to CSR API endpoints, including having data posted to /rdm actually get routed through the rules processor


Deployed Today:

  • Can now send SMS to multiple devices at once via API by passing deviceids array to /sms/incoming endpoint
  • Added Konekt Dash Over-The-Air update support to API. (Lots more info coming about this soon.)


Deployed Today:

  • Send SMS via the CSR. You’ll now see an SMS app when you go to create a new rule. These messages are currently free except for the data charges from your device.


Sorry it’s been so long since posting. Over the last few weeks we:

  • Fixed several bugs in the API and dashboard
  • Added more automated testing to catch problems
  • Added a new CSR app to allow for a fully customizable webhook intergration. You can put variables in the URL parameters or in the payload


Deployed this week:

  • Restructuring Topics page into separate Data Logs and Data Routes pages
  • Some bug fixes on the API


Deployed today:

  • Sending an SMS to your purchased phone number will now properly set the sending “from” number on the message
  • Setting the fromnumber parameter on the SMS endpoint will properly set the from number that is given to the device
  • Some cleanup to data routes page
  • Some cleanup to the dashboard on mobile


Been so busy we haven’t been able to get any updates in a while. Rest assured that we are working on things though. We finally had a chance to get a couple fixes deployed today:

  • Fix bug with editing data routes. Current route info will now show up correctly when you click on a route
  • Fix up side-pane documentation for SMS and phone numbers to reflect new behavior of “from” number


Pushed an update to our cloud services this morning:

  • All messages are now going to be tagged automatically with the special tag _DEVICE_<ID>_ where <ID> is the ID of the device. That ID is currently viewable in the URL of the device page and we’ll be adding that to the page itself soon. You can use this tag to create rules to route all messages from a specific device.


Deployed today:

  • Fix bug with direct links to API key page not working
  • Fix drop-down selection issues in store and other pages
  • Add ability to set a “from” number on an SMS message sent via the Dashboard


Deployed today:

  • Improvement to DB schema to speed up getting the last network used by a SIM should make the Devices page load faster


Deployed today:

  • Fix issue with sending the string “0” in an SMS from the Dashboard
  • Small security fix on how the password reset tokens work
  • Handling plan changes in the API better. More to come here soon


Deployed Today:

  • Revamped carrier integration to allow us to show when a SIM has actually been activated. When you activate a SIM it will now be in the LIVE-PENDING state until the activation goes through and then it will switch to LIVE. This also added some extra abilities that will be used for our upcoming authenticated tunneling service.