API/Dashboard Updates

Deployed Today:

  • Tags are now being correctly put on cloud messages so that you can filter them on the dashboard. (Older messages need to be updated to have this correct. That’ll be later in the week.)
  • MSISDN for SIM cards is now viewable in API for those who need that information
  • No more silently cutting off long shipping addresses in the store
  • Tweak the timing on SIM activations to speed up the process

Deployed today:

  • Fixed issue that was preventing using HTTP Basic Auth with an API key. (You can do this by sending a username of apikey and then putting the key in the password)
  • Optimization that should speed up dashboard loading
  • SMS messages sent to a device without a “from” number specified will now have a special from number that goes back to our servers. All SMS sent to this number will end up in your data logs. This will allow devices to reply to SMS sent from the dashboard and actually be able to see the reply on the dashboard.

Deployed yesterday:

  • Significant performance improvement for listing devices. Customers with large numbers of devices should see their device list load much faster.
  • CSR messages that come in through the API will now be tagged with _RESTAPI_

Deployed today:

  • All older messages in data logs should now be properly tagged for filtering
  • Improvements to ordering system should allow for things to get processed faster
  • Better logging so we can debug your problems quicker!

Not exactly an API or Dashboard update, but we stuck a bunch of example code up on our github at GitHub - HologramEducation/hologram-dash-arduino-examples: Example Arduino IDE sketches for use with Arduino IDE and the Hologram Dash and Hologram Dash Pro (and similar) boards
Let us know if you have any questions or comments on that stuff.

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Deployed today:

  • Finally fixed the “Remember Me” checkbox on the login page. Normal sessions last an hour now and when you check that box it’ll last a week.

Over the last couple days:

  • A few minor security fixes
  • Better error messages for the ordering system
  • A couple other small improvements to ordering system

Deployed over the last few days:

  • Add a few IDs to the dashboard to make it easier to work with the API
  • A few API improvements that will eventually be used to make the store easier to use
  • Fix a few small bugs

Deployed today:

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the Dashboard to throw some JS errors and make a bunch of unneeded API requests
  • More framework for our authenticated tunneling service which will hopefully be released very soon

Lots of updates over the last few days.
First a few smaller things:

  • Security fix to prevent session hijacking
  • Fix where sometimes logging out wouldn’t work
  • Fix bug where you could be charged for a phone number if you specified an area code and numbers weren’t available in that area code
  • Add some rate limiting on certain endpoints for security reasons
  • Fix issue with order tracking information not showing up in the dashboard

Big new feature:

Released version 0.2 of SpaceBridge client today. Changes include:

  • Added new text-only mode so everything can be done from the command line
  • Fix to --forwards command line argument
  • GUI mode pops up a dialog box at the end for killing the tunnel

Deployed today:

  • Added rate limiting to API to help protect user accounts from brute force attacks
  • Did some internal refactoring to make code more testable
  • Minor bug fixes

Deployed this week so far:

  • Reliability improvements for SpaceBridge
  • /sms/incoming endpoint now supports all parameters in the URL along with in the POST payload to be compatible with some SMS gateway solutions out there
  • Hologram status page available at http://status.hologram.io
  • Other minor fixes and documentation updates

Deployed yesterday:

  • Improvements to SIM state transitions
  • Fixes to the email verification system
  • Security improvements: reverify and alert users when their email address is changed

Deployed yesterday:

  • Added API endpoint for users who wish to delete their own account
  • Updates to some libraries to improve purchasing and transactions
  • Fixes to device tagging
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Deployed tonight:

  • Brand new design for the dashboard! Even more cool changes coming soon.

Deployed over the last couple weeks:

  • More layout improvements
  • /csr/rdm endpoint now has timestamp filters timestampstart and timestampend
  • Security fixes
  • Improvements to data usage processing

Spacebridge v0.3 was released today. This version is more secure and eliminates some error messages people were seeing. It also allows for the use of pre-generated SSH keys for authentication. Run with --help for more information.

Also, seeing now that I haven’t posted on here in a while. We have deployed some bug fixes to various services over the last few weeks along with more improvements to the dashboard. Some more big changes are in the works and will be coming out soon.

Some awesome stuff was released today:

See https://hologram.io/new-documentation-collaboration-and-dashboard-oh-my/

Deployed today:

  • Added usage data back on dashboard
  • Fixed some layout issues
  • Fixed a couple minor issues in the API, including things preventing device updates