AT Commands on Dash -- is direct access to AT possible on Arduino?

Are you planning / considering a way for Arduino users to directly send AT commands to the Dash modem? While Arduino for AT commands are simple and greatly appreciated, there is still the huge world of AT commands that appear to be unavailable to the Arduino IDE layer – so having a way to access those from directly within an Arduino sketch would be greatly welcomed.

An example from the good folks at Adafruit on their Fona platform: They have a library command for sending SMS’s, (fona.sendSMS(sender, message), but they also allow AT commands via the fona.print( ) command. I know it was asked here a few months ago about sending SMS with AT commands from the Dash; – – it’s still unanswered so I thought I’d re-boot the thread and expand it to ask about AT commands in general (not just SMS) to see what the Konekt Brain thinks about this topic.


Just signing on to this one in case it gets answered here.

Hi guys,
This is on our roadmap, but it may still be a month or two out.

Thanks, Reuben. That is indeed good news. :slight_smile:

looking for this functionality as well for a university project. Any update would be great.

any update on this it has been about a month according to Reuben’s post this functionality could be ready now or in the next few weeks. Thanks.

Again any update on this? The post from Reuben shows it should be ready since it has been two months.