How to read cell signal strength level on the Dash on Arduino?

Does anyone know of a way to access the strength of the cell signal on the Dash using the Arduino IDE & framework?

I was expecting to find something like Dash.getCellRSSI() somewhere in here: hologram-dash-arduino-integration/konektdash/cores/arduino at master · HologramEducation/hologram-dash-arduino-integration · GitHub Did I just miss it?

It seems that this info is available via the AT command AT+CSQ but… is there any way to for Arduino programs to directly invoke AT commands on the Dash? This thread AT Commands on Dash -- is direct access to AT possible on Arduino? suggests that was on the roadmap this spring… but I’m not seeing any evidence that it was completed. Did I miss it or are there any updates on that functionality?

Any suggestions on how to access the cell signal strength level on the Dash would be helpful. Thanks.

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This is one that several of us on the user side have been requesting for a long time. In fact, I’ve been in communication with Ryan (@ryanHologram) on this very issue this week, and reiterated the need to be able to see what is happening on the cellular side. Apparently there is a firmware upgrade coming that will add that capability.

Adding your voice to the discussion will certainly help Hologram understand this is something we all need for development – a cellular device without signal strength capability is a bit like having a car without a speedometer! :slight_smile:

@michaelm and @mfogel thanks for reaching out on this (Michael, appreciate the speedometer analogy). Apologies on the delay on this. Our firmware team is currently undergoing a revamp of the firmware development process so that we can get features out faster and provide better visibility into timelines for these features as they are absolutely in the immediate roadmap. In two weeks I will have a clear answer for you but these are priority features for us and our customers I will continue pushing for these to be moved up and let you know if of any updates here.

In the interim, if you are interested in a passthrough version of our firmware for direct access to the modem so you can use the AT+CSQ command for now I can pass that to you offline as well. Let me know if you have any other questions.


Thanks, Ryan. Really appreciate the solid feedback. Definitely interested in the passthrough for AT+CSQ – sounds like an interim version of FW on your end. N
o problem here with that stipulation. :slight_smile:

Is there an update on obtaining signal strength information? Also, knowing the network connection status would be very helpful. Any information on when these features may be available as a dash class command is appreciated. Thanks !

Unfortunately no update yet, aside from being able to use the passthrough firmware: Ways to send AT commands to Ublox! - #8 by wa3ziz

We’ve obviously had a few setbacks here - we’re currently working to open source the firmware over the next month or so, to try an alleviate some of the smaller roadblocks while we continue to push towards much larger and infrastructure-level improvements in the operation of the firmware itself.

Thanks Pat! Appreciate the update. Keep us posted, These are much needed features.