Can I use a SIM from any company in Hologram dash?

Hi every one, I need to know if is possible to use any SIM from other company, principally because other companies has low costs than hologram.

It’s possible that other SIMs will work, but it will be up to that carrier to ensure you get onto their network. If you’re willing to share about better data rates, we’re always curious about where we can do better. Have you seen our Developer SIM as well? It allows you to get online easily.

Just wanted to jump in here to mention that certain features will not be available without our SIM. For example, OTA updates and inbound data messages will no longer work.

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What about using a 3rd party SIM card and the rest API? Will I keep being allowed to use it? Won't cause problems?

Can you further explain what you’d like to do? You want to route your data from a piece of hardware through someone else’s connectivity option, but then push it through our software services?

Just route data without using your services. Or is that option unavalable?

You can use our cloud via any connection and don’t need our SIM, but it will only work one way. You won’t be able to send any messages back down to the device without our SIM.

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Also, obviously any API calls for doing things on the SIM like activation or pausing data or SMS would of course not work.

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