Connecting raspberry pi + NOVA with non-hologram SIM Card to general internet (AT commands?)

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to connect my pi to internet via NOVA. I’m not using hologram SIM card due to some other constraints.

I tried 2 different SIM cards (i.e. SIM A and SIM B - both are non-hologram SIM). Both works when I tried them on my phone i.e. I can browse internet.

I managed to connect SIM A by running sudo hologram modem connect in terminal. I can then open my pi’s browser and google etc…

However, when I run the same command in SIM B, I got this error:
raise PPPError('Modem hangup - possibly due to an unregistered SIM").

I don’t think it has anything do with unregistered SIM since SIM B is not a hologram-sim card. And SIM B works when I use it in my phone.

Some other debugging that I’ve tried:

  1. sudo hologram network connect -v
    returns that modem Nova U201 is detected at /dev/ttyACM2

  2. I ran AT commands to send SMS
    this works

  3. sudo hologram modem operator
    returns the operator name of my SIM card

  4. sudo hologram modem signal
    also returns my signal strength


  1. Are there native hologram commands that I can run to connect my nova to internet?

  2. Are there AT commands that I can manually run to achieve the same connection?

Thanks a lot!

The method that I followed was basically explained in this thread Nova for general internet access?. It works for my SIM A but not SIM B.

We officially support only the Hologram SIM in the Hologram Nova SDK. Although, we do not lock the Dash to our network. Any additional network support will need to be verified by the Nova community.

If you share who is SIM A and who is SIM B then maybe that will help others in the community collaborate on this request.

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