DASH port: Not showing on 2 scenarios afer INO upload

Environment: MacOS • DASH board version 0.9.2 and 0.10.1 alternately • Arduino IDE 1.6.11

I found two scenarios when DASH port is not showing after successfully uploading INO code:

  1. When Serial.begin(xxxx) or SerialUSB.begin(xxxx) is not coded.
  2. When using SPI connection (I2C has no problem).

I encountered Scenario 1 when I created a simple blink.
I encountered Scenario 2 when I changed my code from I2C code to ISP, because I’m having problem working with ADXL435. The SPI INO code is here, I just changed the CS_PIN to D09 and everything stays the same.

  1. The USB Serial port is not pre-initialized by design. Not all sketches will use the port, so to save memory and power it must be explicitly enabled.
  2. There’s no conflict between Serial USB and SPI that I have observed before or are aware of.

In the referenced sketch the ADXL object is initialized before setup() has a chance to run. That is most likely the source of an initialization ordering issue. Try adding a Dash.onLED() call at the start of setup() to see if the Serial USB port even gets to initialization.