Dash wont show up as a Serial Port


I have a 1st Version Dash (grey board) and it appears after I did a firmware update to .9 the dash will not show up as a serial port in the Arduino IDE (or my mac for that matter). I can still connect to it with an FTDI friend, but the usb to serial seems to have the problem

Dash refuses to show up

You may need to recompile your user sketch against the latest version of our Arduino board manager integration.


I just have the hologram_dash_cloud sketch (no changes) running, on the dash using Arduino IDE 1.8.1 with Dash 0.10.1.


That sketch doesn’t use the Serial port, so it is not initialized, so it won’t show up in the menu or on the OS.

You can modify the sketch to print status messages by putting Serial.begin(); in setup(). That sketch shows the low-power features of the Dash, which will turn off the USB/Serial port anyway. That’s why it isn’t initialized by default.


Worked like a charm! I threw up an empty sketch with a Serial.begin(); and there it was. Thanks for all the help


Other Arduino boards are still showing up in the PORTS list even if there’s no Serial.begin() in the code. This is not a major concern for hardware developers moving from other platform to DASH, but I think can be automated (not to call explicitly) in the next firmware as what you did with Dash.begin().

I posted a thread that shows another instance where PORT is not showing up. Hope you can see the problem also exists when using I2C.


The Dash is designed differently than those boards, so behavior is not always analogous. Not all sketches will utilize that port, so to save memory and power it is not enabled by default.

I’ll take a look at that thread you referred to.