Device Not Registering/No Network Available


I am setting up my first Hologram SIM and have gone through the SIM registration through the Hologram Dashboard. I activate the SIM maybe an hour ago and the status now shows up on the Dashboard as Live. However, when I turn on my device with the SIM inserted it is not registering to the network. Device is a Raspberry Pi with a SIM800 modem. The device works with a competitor’s SIM, so I believe it is working correctly. When I start minicom and enter AT+COPS? it returns

+COPS: 0

So it appears that there is no network available to register to. Is this a coverage issue or a SIM issue?Please let me know if you need more information and I can provide it.



Hi Eric - Happy to help with that. Can you confirm the SIM # you’re using by e-mailing our support line at and we can take a further look?


Eric - We checked the SIM in our DB and on the carrier network and its properly activated for use but we don’t see any signaling from the device. Would you be able to run the following diagnostics in this PDF and return the response here (w/o any identifiable info such as your SIM#) Thanks in advance.

Hologram_Modem_SIM_Tests.pdf (35.8 KB)

This has already been resolved, but I just wanted to add it to the thread for anyone else that might have the same issue. The issue was the Hologram SIM card being slightly too thin for my device. It just wasn’t making good contact, so I was given a workaround by the very helpful Hologram support to cut a small piece of paper and slide it on top of the SIM card for a tighter fit. I ended up using a piece of thin, stiff plastic (from an anti-static, electronics bag) cut in the shape of the SIM, worked like a charm. Device registers fine now. Thanks for the tip, not sure if the SIM cards are out of spec or my device, but I do appreciate your time looking into this.