Digi Xbee3 Modems


Hello! I have a Hologram SIM card and two Xbee3 modules from DIGI, and I’m having trouble getting connected with Hologram

The first module is an Xbee3 LTE Cat 1 AT&T radio module from DIGI. The ICCID appears correctly and the APN is set to “hologram”, but the radio forever reports AI status 22, “Registering to cellular network”.

The second module is an Xbee3 LTE Cat M module. Again, the ICCID appears correctly and the APN is set to “hologram”. Here the AI status indication is 25, “Cellular network registration denied”. This module I have been using with the sim card from a DIGI development kit, so I know the module itself is healthy

Has anyone has success using these modules with a Hologram SIM? Or any suggestion on how to proceed?


Hey @fkoran!

I actually connected an XBee3 LTE Cat M to the Hologram Network not so long ago so this is definitely something that you should be able to do. Could you please run the following diagnostic and email the results to success@hologram.io so I can take a look at whats going on.



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