direct IP and data usage


If using direct IP and bringing the connection up using
sudo pon e303
sending a brief text message, then
sudo poff e303
does that terminate the connection?



more explanation needed :stuck_out_tongue:


In reading this thread here there is talk of persistent PPP connections using hologram calls. So, I was trying to make sure that calling:
sudo poff e303
really broke the connection down. I am not using hologram calls via Python but as I am new to this I really need to ensure the PPP connection is down when I use command line calls.

The modem looked like it was still connected (flashing blue LED) hence my misapprehension.

I “paused” the data on the Dashboard to guarantee the traffic is terminated, but in my real setup I want to leave this enabled 24/7.

Is that if any more help?



I am now convinced that a simple call to sudo poff e303 really does take down the connection.


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