Firmware upgrade for UBLOX SARA-R410M-02B round 2

Will Hologram be providing a mechanism to upgrade Novas to the u-blox firmware released in March? I am using a Hologram Nova connected to a Raspberry Pi. This device is prone to random disconnects from the AT&T Hologram network and descriptions in the firmware update imply that it addresses these types of issues.

As a follow up question does anyone know how to upgrade the Nova/Sara-R410M without Hologram support? It appears that the version that Hologram puts on my modem is L0. whilst u-blox has two updates available (L0. (Aug '20) and L0. (March '21). And there are clearly bugs (modem disconnects, etc…) that have been addressed in these later releases.

Is there a schematic available for the Nova? If you have a direct USB connection to the modem and access to the pwr_on pin, firmware update should be easy using u-blox windows easy-flash tool. Firmware upgrade for UBLOX SARA-R410M-02B

Easyflash works on the nova with no modification