GPS Shield available?

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I’ve seen some info regarding a GPS Shield, both on the forums and in documentation, but have also seen on the forums that there is not a gps shield (and don’t see one in the store).
Is there one?


There is, but we’re out of stock and are going to be doing a new production run with an improved design in a couple weeks. We’ll post it on the store and announce in other spots when it’s ready

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@bairdmar I’m also in the midst of making a technical blog article detailing how to make a self contained asset tracker which does not include use of the GPS Shield.

One we get the new GPS Shields I will append the article.

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Great news on both counts. I will be very anxious to see/try the shield. I have made a couple of asset trackers on protoboard, My homemade versions are OK, but its a lot of soldering and time.

I’ll be curious to see what you’ve done in the blog.

Thanks for the update.


Checking in on this. Any updates on the GPS shield?

Hi, things are delayed due to trouble at our contract manufacturer but we’re hoping to get those into production soon. Check back in a month.

Any news on the GPS shields?

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Any news on the gps tracker shield?

Hi John,

We have discontinued these shields. Could you tell us what you’re looking for? There is a wide range of new hardware available that might fit your needs.

hello, what can you recommend me ?, I want to implement a gps tracker using hologram simcard, I already have a Dash, that’s why I was looking for a gps shield, but if there are more options I would like to know them.

As far as a “shield” goes, there likely isn’t anything in the dash pinout form factor. Are you comfortable soldering things together? That will be the quickest path to connect a Dash to a GPS unit. Otherwise it might require you try out different (integrated) hardware.

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