Having problems connecting to Dash on Windows 10


And I’m sorry for the disappointment. We really want people to get these things and jump right into programming



I finally got the DASH to work. What it was, it was the driver. When I tried to install the driver it would come up as the driver wasn’t signed so Windows 10 wouldn’t allow me to install it. A friend came by and showed me how to install unsigned drivers and now I’m able to connect and start pushing data through.

I just want to publicly point out how helpful the Konekt staff was in assisting me, and also this community. Excited to start programming and sharing what I build. :smiley:


Oh, that’s great. Glad you’re up and running. We’re working to learn more about these driver issues. It’s weird that sometimes it installs automatically with no problem and sometimes you need a driver even though you might be on the same OS.


OK, my bad … let’s just say the SIM card had become dislodged.

Now I can receive SMS from my dashboard, but messages sent to
the dashboard are not showing up …

+EVENT:LOG,38,5,DEBUG,27,Opening connection to cloud
+EVENT:LOG,42,5,DEBUG,31,Data successfully sent to cloud
+EVENT:SMSRCVD,22,1/2 way to the cloud!?

Any help, greatly appreciated!


Issue with Cloud

I started a new topic for your issue


New topic = good idea, this thread became not being able to connect to cloud.

But, I can’t find the new topic.

Reuben, please put a link in this topic to the new one?





I experienced both issues above, and wanted to share some tips:

When powering over USB, it is probably best to stick to a USB 3.0 port. Typically USB 3.0 can output 5V @ 900mA, while USB 2.0 is limited to 500mA. The datasheet for the Sara shows that peak current during a transmission (with a matched antenna) will be 1.5A @ 3.3V, which would be 990mA when converting back to 5V. So transmission should be much more reliable using USB 3.0.

Other things to think about include the amount of other USB devices that are drawing power from the PC. I would assume some of the USB ports share a common voltage regulator, so there is a higher likelihood of maxing out on current output if many other devices are connected to the PC.

This last tip may seem silly, but the quality of the USB micro cord being used to power and program the Dash by USB does make a huge difference. If its a cheap cable, it might not work.