HTTP fail

I am wanting to switch all my GPS trackers over from Aeris to Hologram but running into a major issue. They are spending a lot of cycles trying to connect to have the connections fail. Here is a log from the device.

Debug[GSM][Warn]: ATI Manufacturer: u-blox Model: SARA-R410M-02B Revision: L0. [Feb 03 2018 13:00:41] SVN: 02 OK
Debug[GEN][Sevr]: L0.,A.02.01
Debug[GSM][Info]: CEREG = 5
Debug[GSM][Info]: CEREG = 5
Debug[GSM][Warn]: Registered in 5s
Debug[GSM][Info]: Connecting to s2
Debug[GSM][Info]: GET /GetOnlineData.ashx?token=ERE;gnss=gps,glo;datatype=almHTTP/ Connection: close
Debug[GSM][Info]: Waiting for server challenge
Debug[GSM][Sevr]: HTTP fail 0/0
Debug[GSM][Warn]: Handshake TO
Debug[GSM][Warn]: Aborting sync
Debug[GSM][Info]: Data sync fail 33
Debug[GSM][Info]: Retrying data in 5 s

You might be affected by an ongoing Cat-M network issue described here: Open Network Issue With Cat-M

If you update the firmware on that ublox modem that might fix it.

Other thing to check is confirming which APN the modem is using to connect. Should be using hologram