Issue with receive from cloud

Just got a Nova LTE device.

I currently can send messages from the device with “sudo hologram send test” to the cloud. I then run the “sudo hologram receive” command on the device and when I send from the cloud (tcp 4010) down I never receive it.

Error in the cloud is “Failed to connect to device to send message”

Try bringing up a persistent connection sudo hologram network connect and then try to send the message.

Still not working but that is connected

can you try doing sudo hologram receive -vv

that will increase the logging verbosity so we might be able to see what is particularly failing

So I am not able to do the receive command when i am using hologram network connect. Says…
sudo hologram receive -vv

DEBUG: checking for vid_pid: (‘12d1’, ‘1001’)
DEBUG: checking for vid_pid: (‘12d1’, ‘1506’)
DEBUG: checking for vid_pid: (‘1546’, ‘1102’)
DEBUG: checking for vid_pid: (‘1546’, ‘1104’)
DEBUG: checking for vid_pid: (‘05c6’, ‘90b2’)
INFO: Detected modem NovaM
DEBUG: checking port ttyUSB0
DEBUG: checking port ttyUSB1
DEBUG: unable to write to port
ERROR: Unable to detect a usable serial port

Disconnected from that though i can run the receive command. but it doesn’t get anything from the cloud

Cloud says…
Failed to connect to device to send message

Device is just waiting for message but never gets it

This is the process I have been trying

This is probably due to some weirdness with Cat-M power saving modes. Can you try disabling eDRX on the board?
See this thread: 'sudo hologram receive' not recieving messages

Sorry new to this how do i disable edrx? Im on a rpi

This might help:

Once you’re able to send AT commands to it, then you can do:


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