LTE-M Carriers in Canada (SIM7000) part 2

The thread

is closed, but I wanted to note for anyone curious that one of my customers in suburban Vancouver is at this very moment connected to Telus Communications with a Hologram Global SIM in a SIM7000 LTE-M cell module.

I’m really happy about this!


We are glad to hear that you are happy with the current state of the service :slight_smile: We would appreciate it if in the future you can let us know how things are going!

Well it’s funny you mention that, because since then, I’ve changed my product to use traditional 4G LTE instead of LTE-M. I have had customers in several states have poor experiences with LTE-M including one in Ft.Lauderdale, which is a big city! About 30 minutes south of Austin I had 1 unit on 4G LTE and one on LTE-M and the LTE-M unit was struggling, while the 4G LTE unit was perfectly fine. It’s not Hologram’s fault, it just really sucks that LTE-M just isn’t rolled out like it should be.

One cool thing about Hologram is that in the Dashboard I could see which tower each unit was connected to, and the 4G LTE unit’s tower was very close. So I looked out my car window and saw it in the distance! The LTE-M unit’s tower was miles away, so it’s connection was very spotty, and proved to me that LTE-M is not rolled out on all towers. I’m pretty sure both were on AT&T. I’m done with LTE-M. :frowning_face_with_open_mouth: