LTE-M Carriers in Canada (SIM7000)

Hey all, it’s been a while since this was explored in these threads:

and clearly LTE-M is now rolled out on most or all major Canadian carriers. So can anyone confirm or deny that the Hologram SIM is happy to connect to specific carriers?

Also, critically for me, has anyone connected a SIM7000A with a Hologram SIM in Canada? I FINALLY launched my Hologram-based product and the first (and only) person to buy one is in Canada! Awesome, but NOT ideal, ha!

Rogers is the only one I have found. Their coverage isn’t great, so I wasn’t able to use them. Telus has their own self serve iot platform. I doubt very much that they will partner with Hologram because of this.

Thank you @Jlat

@Xplode or @trickster did y’all ever determine anything with Hologram SIMs, LTE-M and Canadian network providers?

Well crap, this chart (which may be out of date) only shows LTE-M in the USA:

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