Nova operator choice

Sometimes Nova connects to AT&T, sometimes to TMobile as reported by:
$ sudo hologram modem operator
The issue is that modem connection doesn’t work with TMobile, only AT&T.
$ sudo hologram modem connect -v
Reports an error on TMobile, something about possible Activation requirement. The SIM is definitely activated (otherwise it wouldn’t work on AT&T).

This happens in the exact same Raspberry at the exact same location. The operator Nova picks seems random.
Is there a way to “force” an operator? Or is that an issue where Hologram needs to support TMobile as a carrier?

We support T-mobile as a carrier. Have you seen other devices on T-mobile in that specific location? Also, which kind of hardware are you on? Any chance it’s the newest Cat M1?

I am using the Nova Global 3G/2G Cellular USM Modem (U201).
It is connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero W – but I got the same results with a Pi2 and a Pi3. The software is fully updated.
My mobile is on AT&T – I heard there is TMobile in my area, but that the coverage is not very good – but I don’t know anyone with TMobile.

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