Nova R410 stops receiving cloud messages after a minute

Hi everyone,

I’ve been banging my head on this and cannot seem to find the problem…
Hopefully some of you might know what to do.

I’m working on a remote switched power outlet project running on a RasPi3 A+ with the R410 modem for connectivity.
Everything works just fine for the first minute or so… however, after that, it fails to receive messages over the socket.
I sprinkled in some AT commands into my code to check for the socket and network status and they return in the positive, however, no messages are coming in.

I’ve already implemented the workaround from Unable to receive message from dashboard (without it, nothing works):’+CFUN’, ‘0’)’+CEDRXS’, ‘0,2’)’+CEDRXS’, ‘0,4’)’+CEDRXS’, ‘0,5’)’+CFUN’, ‘15’)
however, after a minute, no joy…

Here’s the debug Trace and the python code… hope somebody can help! Thanks in advance. (3.9 KB) (3.0 KB) (543 Bytes)