Nova SARA-R410M OSX Serial Port

I’m following up on some prior posts regarding this same issue:

Using the “Sending AT Commands To Your Nova” guide, I plug my Nova into a USB port but only bluetooth devices show up when running ls /dev/cu.* or ls /dev/tty.*

The device does show up as “Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM” under Apple -> About this Mac -> System Report -> USB where it shows
Product ID = 0x90b2
Vendor ID = 0x05c6 (Qualcomm, Inc)

I can confirm Arduino devices correctly show up and are accessible in the Arduino IDE under ports. Also, when the Nova is plugged into a Linux machine, it does correctly show up in /dev.

I’ve also confirmed the Nova is on the latest firmware per the screenshots in the “Update the Cat M1-R410 Nova Firmware” blog post.

What needs to be done in order for the device to work on OSX (specifically Mojave or later)? I know the SDK/CLI does not function on OSX but I assume I should be able to use the device like any other USB modem…

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