Dash does not appear in USB / port in Macbook or Linux

I have a Dash 1.2 Rev D, a Rev E, and an earlier model with a red jumper. The Rev E has been working fine on my mac for a few weeks. Suddenly, it will no longer appear in the port list when I plug it in the USB port.

ls -al /dev/cu*

Does not show the device. Previously, it did.

I tried my Rev D. No luck.

I tried the old one with the red jumper - it works fine. I can’t use this old one for what I need to do. I need the Rev E working, but the point is: something happened in there.

I think there was a firmware update I agreed to and I’m blaming that in my head at the moment. Could this be the case?

I pulled out a linux box and installed everything on it - same story it seems. I can pick up the red jumper (old one) but neither of the newer ones.

I used a powered USB hub to make sure it was not power. I can load a regular UNO on either machine with no problem. The old red jumper model works fine on both.

I’m stuck. I’ve done everything I know to do and I don’t have a clue what’s going on.


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Does dmesg report anything useful?

I looked on both machines and have not seen anything I would call useful in dmesg. That is, I saw nothing that appeared related. (Good thinking though.)

Hey Thomas,

The issue you are facing is one that we have seen when your Arduino IDE or your Board Manager are not up to date.

What I would recommend would be to make sure you have the latest available version for both of these.

As an aside, in program mode the Dash is a HID device, so no serial port is seen.