Particle Boron no longer working needs certified (by IMEI)?

We are desperately looking for a way to connect our Particle Borons to the Verizon network. We got a couple of devices to get this working after reading some post on how to do so (in 2019), only to find out later that it now longer works in 2020. (see links to issue posts below)

One post says it need to be certified by IMEI, who does this certification, Particle, or Hologram? If by Hologram, when will testing what are the plans to do so and get it on the Verizon network to accept connections?

The process found at the end of this post no longer works - Hologram SIM not working on Particle Boron

Now get errors of “PLMN not allowed” - sorry, cant add 3 links as a new user

needs certified by IMEI -

so there are a few things related to this. Verizon requires certification for all devices on its network. If you are using a boron out of the box than that would be Particles job to get it certified, which according to that post, it is not.

If you have modified the device than its on you to get your new device certified by Verizon.

We just provide the ability to access those networks through our SIM card but end device certification falls on whoever created the device.

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