Hologram SIM not working on Particle Boron


One of the sweet combinations I’ve discovered in the IOT universe is using a Hologram SIM with Particle hardware. I’ve had great luck using my Hologram SIM with the Particle 3G Electron. Unfortunately, I can’t get the Hologram SIM to work in the Particle Boron (LTE Cat M1). Endlessly flashing green light, meaning it can’t connect. My understanding is that both Particle and Hologram are aware of this issue; I would very much appreciate any advice in this regard.

From a previous post, I see that Hologram was planning to eventually test a Boron with the Hologram SIM. The sooner the better, right? :slight_smile:

PS — All configuration details followed, repeated, and played with. Hologram APN up-to-date, external SIM specified. No joy.



Anyone? Anyone?