Power Consumption during Sleep Mode

I am wondering what is the power consumption used when using KONEKT Dash Pro in the various sleep modes.

Anyone willing to help with this matter?

Also interested in some general power draw data if anyone has some available. There was another post linking to this google sheet that I found helpful:


Hi @cdolan and @tristy
From a power draw perspective, the Dash class shutdown and deepSleep modes are power equivalent. I’ve posted some additional info from our last current draw tests that may be useful reference. Let me know if you have any further questions!
Sending a message from terminal to cloud: ~15 seconds, 226-298 mA using AVG function (735 mA MAX)
Startup until passthrough mode: ~70 seconds, 126 mA AVG, 630 mA MAX
Modem connected, waiting for input: ~35mA
Lowest observed deep sleep current draw: 7mA

Can I get some mathematical clarification please?

Your first example: 15 seconds max 735 mA. Am I correct that would equate to 15 (seconds) / 3600 (seconds per hour) * 735 (mA) = 3.125mAh consumed? So taking this worse case scenario, a 5000mAh battery would be expected to last 1600 hours or over 2 months of continuous sending?? That seems WAY too optimistic.

So then perhaps you meant mAh? That would mean 15 seconds of sending consumes 735 mAh? A 5000mAh battery would then last a mere 6 or 7 sent messages or not even 2 minutes before dying? That seems WAY too pessimistic.

Hello @bcsteeve,

I apologize for the data not being easy to make sense of.

The complexity stems from the fact that, during a message send, there are a number of factors that influence how much current draw, and how much power consumption, will occur (which I’m sure you’re probably aware); additionally, the current actually varies, which is why @ryanHologram was including an average here. Those numbers are primarily useful for power system design (selecting specs on capacitors, for instance).

What would help is knowing the assumptions your project is making and what you need to know—max current, average current, power consumption over time (mAh) not sending versus worst-case/average-case while sending, etc.

Would love to get you the data you’re looking for… just trying to get the best understanding of your use case so that what we send you isn’t a bunch of B.S. either :wink:

Edit: Adding a link to your other thread for context (which I saw just now).

My particular use case:

I have a remote site that needs to periodically wake up and check a server for a binary value. On a 1 (rare) it does something (at that point, power is no longer an issue anyway so ignore). On a 0 (99.99%) it goes back to sleep and waits for the next cycle. The frequency of this check is yet to be determined, but no more than hourly. It could be 4 times daily. In other words, not much going on and very infrequently. What I hope for is that the device can operate unattended (ie no charging) for months at a time. Years would be ideal, but I’m not holding my breath. 2 weeks would be acceptable.


@bcsteeve, did you ever get an answer for this? I have a dash on the way and am looking to try and maximize battery life while waking up and transmitting a simple voltage reading 2 times per day. The 7mA data from above in deep sleep mode seems like a high number for a deepsleep mode and would result in only 20 days of battery life with a 5000mAh battery. My current system with a 2500mAh battery get over 12 years with the same operating parameters. Just wondering how deep the Dash can go into sleep modes.