Unnamed devices added to dashboard while testing REST API


Hey Guys,

I’ve been playing with the REST API via C# and I have what I need working but I just noticed that my dashboard device list now has eleven unnamed devices. We should only have 4 (these 4 are named)

Any idea how this could happen?

Also, How can I delete them as the are polluting the results on the api/1devices call.


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Create empty device

If you do a POST to /devices it’ll create an empty device without an associated SIM. That’s probably what happened. We have this functionality so you can generate a device to use with our cloud without needing a SIM card.

To get rid of them, simply issue a DELETE call to /devices/<id>


Thanks Reuben,

That’s sounds like the issue. I was mistakenly POSTing to /devices instead of issuing GETs.

It would be very handy to be able to delete device via the Dashboard.

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Yep, we’ll be adding that functionality to the dashboard soon.