Create empty device

Hi there!

I was wondering if it is possible to create a device via API/Dashboard without having a hologram SIM. I found threads here and here that says so but no documenation or hint how to do this.


Hi Dominik,

So you’re looking to do the same thing where you use the Nova and then another provider’s SIM? (because these are the threads you linked to)


One thread says that I could use hardware, SIM, and plattform separatly. Now I’m doing my first attempts with the cloud. I usually use Postman to try out APIs. I can do stuff like getting configuration etc. but I am not able to do some API requests pushing data because currently I do not have a Hologram SIM to create a device.

So I tried to setup a device without a SIM but I did not find a mechanism to do this. So my question is:

  • Can I use the Hologram cloud without a Hologram SIM?
  • And if yes: How can I create a device without a Hologram SIM?


Hey Dominik,

At the moment, you can only use the Hologram Platform with a Hologram SIM. Our SIM and our Hardware products are agnostic, and the plan is to eventually make the Hologram Platform agnostic too. However, at the moment, those features are not available.


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