Using Verizon SIM Card with Nova


I have a Global 2G/3G Cellular Nova Modem. Instead of using the Hologram SIM Card, if I just take the Verizon SIM card that is in my phone and put it in the modem, how well would it work? What features will still be compatible with the API? (i.e. can I still send and receive texts, connect to internet, send pictures and livestream)


hi @sanjiv2001




Thank you for the reply. From that site, I can see that there is an API for sending SMS. Will my Verizon SIM powered Nova 3G be able to receive and read texts? There is no documentation for that on the site you provided.


yes it should

there is nothing “special” about the Nova it is a UBLOX based usb modem

Anything that the UBLOX chipset supports via AT commands can be done with other providers

You should review how 4G chipsets work as this will answer most of your questions



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