Will it work with 3rd party SIM on French Carrier over 3G ?


Hi there,

First i’ll start by wishing you all a Happy New year and say that your product is amazing :wink:

I’m actually in France and here i already got 3 SIM card from SFR network with the same plan for all three (100gb/month on 4g or 3g) and since it’s really chip and that my project would require at least 5 gb of usage per month, i would like to know if the Nova will work using thoses SIM Cards ?

If the modem is unlock all i should do is modify the APN settings and maybe the commands used to connect here :

“” AT
OK AT+CGDCONT=1,“IP”,"hologram"
OK ATDT99**1#

Please tell me if i got this all wrong, i would like to order 3 devices before tommorow



Hi, that should work. Please see this thread: Use any (or ATT) SIM card with Nova?


Oh I should mention that while the modem is fine since it’s unlocked you may want to contact that carrier to make sure they will allow it on their end


That was an incredibily fast answer, thanks ! I had used the search function and read a few thread but this one wasn’t part of them and it answer pretty well.

But why would a carrier don’t allow something like this ? It’s pretty much the same way of workign as a USB 3G dongle right ?

And also, i might call them tommorow, any idea what i should ask exactly ? I don’t want to confuse them by asking too many thing lol

Thanks again Reuben !


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