API/Dashboard Updates


Deployed a bunch of dashboard improvements today:

  • Display things in browser’s local timezone
  • Fixing date filters in different spots
  • Fix some layout issues
  • Fix some login issues
  • Improvements to scrolling through the data logs

Also got some minor API things in along with ability to activate a range of SIMs for our enterprise customers.


Deployed yesterday:

  • Basic usage graphs are back on the new dashboard
  • Fixed issue with OTA updates


Deployed today:

  • Cloud webhooks now report better error messages in the data logs when something goes wrong
  • SMS-over-IP improvements


Deployed recently:

  • Much better usage and billing reporting
  • New “heartbeat” app (beta) to allow you to monitor for when your device stops doing what it’s supposed to be doing
  • Fix issues with cloud SMS
  • Fix issues with purchasing phone numbers
  • Prevent some rate limiting issues
  • Fix some typos and bugs on the dashboard
  • Made OTA updates more reliable


We’ve rolled out a bunch of cool stuff this week:

  • Advanced webhooks now supports more complicated variables where it will parse json objects and allow you to access things by doing <<decdata.fieldname>>
  • Fix some bugs with the heartbeat app and add better styling to the configuration page for it
  • New feature to allow sending data messages down to any device via a text box on the dashboard, our API, or a preauthenticated webhook. Supports TCP and UDP on any port and responses will show up in your data logs. (Docs coming very soon for this) The current version of the Dash firmware doesn’t support this, but that is coming soon, too. For now, you can test with a USB modem and Raspberry Pi, or some similar setup.
  • Version 0.1 of our python SDK is available at https://github.com/hologram-io/hologram-python Use it to easily write code to push data to the hologram cloud or send SMS with a Raspberry Pi or something similar. We hope to add full cellular network management to the library soon.


Released this week:

  • Losant and IFTTT integrations are available for our cloud. (We’ll post some docs about these next week, but it should be fairly straightforward to use right away)
  • /csr/sources API call now reports ASCII versions of the keys
  • Fix issue where routes on an organization couldn’t be enabled or disabled
  • Fix issues with autocomplete on topics
  • Some layout and design tweaks on the dashboard
  • Fix issue where our cloud would sometimes fail to verify a server SSL certificate and cause a webhook route to fail
  • Some small performance improvements in the API


Released today:

  • Version 0.4 of Spacebridge client adds organization support and fixes some logging bugs
  • Spacebridge server was updated to speed up the initial tunnel creation step a little bit


Released this week:

  • Add support for bulk operations on dashboard. Send SMS or pause and resume or perform other operations on multiple devices at the same time. (Keep an eye out for more information about this feature.)
  • Several bug fixes and performance improvements in the API.


Released over last few days:

  • Add ability for users to transfer devices between organizations. Must be owner of the source organization and be owner or have activation privileges on receiving organization. Can do the transfer via the dashboard by clicking on the Manage menu at the top of the device list or via API by setting orgid on PUT /devices/.
  • Fix bug with organization invites sometimes sending an incorrect URL
  • Add new “Matched Routes” column on Data Logs to show which routes were hit by that particular message and if there were any failures.
  • Laying some groundwork for other improvements to the cloud


Released today:

  • Fixes to improve reliability of heartbeat app and address some other bugs related to cloud topics not triggering things properly.


Released today:

  • For those using generated cloud credentials to send messages to our cloud, the ID and key have been combined into a single 8-byte key. Sending as separate fields will still work for now so nothing should break. We’ll be pushing an update to our docs in the next day or so with more information on this.
  • Lots of bug fixes and optimizations across the platform


Released today:

  • Updates to the usage API endpoints to improve performance
  • Fixes to various cloud functionality
  • Various layout fixes to the dashboard and improvements to handling deactivated devices


Over the last couple weeks we’ve been doing some deployments. Biggest change was the new routes and logging features, but there have also been some performance improvements and little bug fixes that we hope you all enjoy.


Some updates over the last couple days to support our new developer plan. Information about it here: https://hologram.io/introducing-the-developer-plan/


Deployed today:

  • Provide some better error messages when there are problems getting shipping information
  • Made some changes to how we send emails to try to avoid being marked as spam
  • Some small performance improvements
  • Laying groundwork for some cool new features


Deployed today:

  • Stricter password requirements on accounts
  • Users must now verify their email address before activating a SIM card
  • Fixed some issues that were making verification difficult for some people
  • New routes view on individual devices in dashboard
  • Other small bug fixes

Edit: Forgot one:

  • Changed output of /plans API endpoint. Zones are now listed in an array instead of having the separate amountX, smsX fields. Those fields are still there but will be removed at some point in the future.


Deployed today:

  • Advanced Webhook Integration now allows you to specify any HTTP headers you want. You can use variables in the header values to pass data along from your device
  • Dashboard should give you the option to resend verification email if you can’t activate due to verification failure


Deployed today:

  • For smaller orders, SIM cards will now show up in your account automatically once they’re shipped to you so you don’t have to type in the number to activate.
  • You can now set a name for your SIM on activation instead of having to rename later
  • Fix some issues on IE11
  • Route device and tag topics will now show the name instead of the ID
  • Built-in support for HTTP authentication in webhooks
  • Tag ID is included in CSV export
  • Some improvements to notification emails
  • Other bug fixes


Deployed today:

  • SIM card activations should be faster in most situations
  • Improvements to shipping and ordering process


Deployed today:

  • Fix SMS usage reporting
  • Activation API endpoint now accepts zone as an alias for tier and you can specify a tagid to tag all the devices you just activated. (This will be integrated into dashboard soon)
  • Other bug fixes