API/Dashboard Updates


Released version 0.4.1 of the Spacebridge client:

  • Fix some unicode issues
  • Windows binary is now properly signed
  • Update some dependency libraries


Deployed over the last few days:

  • Improvements to shipping calculations
  • Better credit card failure messages
  • Usage “Inspect” link now works for organizations
  • Added new /data/ endpoints that will eventually replace /csr/
  • Styling fixes


Deployed Today:

  • Export a CSV file of your device information from the Dashboard
  • Better coverage map
  • Device key available at top of device page
  • Styling improvements
  • The billing system will no longer attempt to refill your account and then send you an error email if you don’t have any payment information specified



Deploy today:

  • Data engine TCP endpoint will now return code 8 if there are issues with the topics you sent
  • Topics should be less than 32 characters and not include spaces. Valid characters are alphanumeric and -, /, ., and _


Deployed Spacebridge client version 0.4.2 today.
This contains some security improvements.


Several deploys over last couple weeks:

  • You’ll notice the emails generated by our dashboard are starting to look nicer. We’ll be cleaning up the rest of those over the next few weeks.
  • Plans API endpoint is changing a bit to encompass some new features coming. Should be backward compatible.
  • Improvements to ordering and payment processes
  • Usage data retrieval should be faster
  • Security improvements
  • Lots of small bug fixes


Deployed this week:

  • Finished fancying up our emails
  • Cloud routes now accept device variables like <<device.id>> and <<device.name>> You can use these to better customize data sent to your integrations without having to make a separate rule for each device.
  • API has been revamped to better provide information about how you can page through large result sets. More info about this will be deployed to docs tomorrow.
  • Fixed up some billing edge cases
  • Improvements to store
  • Laying more groundwork for cool features still in the works. Keep your eyes open for cool stuff coming soon.


We haven’t updated this thread in a while, but don’t worry, we’ve been constantly rolling out little updates and some big changes behind the scenes for some upcoming new features. Here are some of the smaller things from the last couple weeks that we can talk about right now:

  • Allow emails up to 256 characters to register
  • Fix bug with creating and updating device webhooks
  • Account with a negative balance can’t activate SIM cards
  • More improvements to API pagination
  • Small bug fixes and optimizations

We’re hoping to show you all of the bigger stuff we’ve been working on soon


A couple things over the last few days:

  • You can now choose a default organization to login to every time you load the dashboard. This option is available under your account settings
  • Unicode is now fully supported for SMS messages to our sim cards from the dashboard and API


Deployed this week:

  • The “last active” time and network for each SIM is now much more accurate and will update as soon as a cellular data session opens instead of waiting for them to close like before. We’ll be exposing a little more information related to this over the next couple weeks. Note that overage limiting still applies only after the session is closed (for now) but it will kick in with much less of a delay now.
  • Device listing for very large customers should load faster than before


We just finishing deploying a massive update that completely revamps our pricing structure and adds some cool features like live usage data. See more information at https://hologram.io/introducing-new-cellular-features-and-pricing-editions/


Deployed today:

  • Corrected some occasional odd behavior when scheduling a data pool creation
  • SIM Overage limiting will now kick in much sooner to the overage taking place. Should be within 5MB and 5 minutes, even if the session is still open.


Deployed over the last couple weeks:

  • Better unicode support
  • Promo codes supported in organization billing
  • Lots of performance enhancements and bug fixes in the backend
  • Fixes to store


We were having some abuse on the system so we deployed a change today to organizations:

  • Must verify your email address before inviting users to an org
  • Cannot have more than 20 pending invites at a time

Please let us know if any of these cause a problem with your application


Been doing a lot of updates over the last month:

  • You might have noticed some of the cool UI changes to the dashboard that are rolling out. Much more of that to come soon.
  • Lots of improvements behind the scenes to speed up SIM operations and billing
  • Fixes to Data Pool feature


Some recent updates:

  • Dashboard will let you know if there have been failures billing your credit card
  • More alerting if your balance goes negative and we now default to trying to bring your balance back up to zero instead of pausing SIMs if balance goes negative
  • More instructions on the Dashboard for setting APN for newer users
  • Fixes to how overage was billed after a plan change (was chance of overbilling if you went from monthly to Pay-As-You-Go that’s now resolved)
  • Lots of internal architecture changes to parts of our carrier integrations. May have been some temporary SMS issues while that was rolling out but should be fixed now


More updates:

  • Improvements to email templates
  • Had to put some extra restrictions on organization invites to prevent system being abused. If you run into an issue preventing your deployment from working, please email us.


Deployed this week:

  • Fix 500 errors some people were seeing on /devices/id/location endpoint
  • Improve the pagination output on API calls
  • Fixes to some cases that were causing people to get errors in the store
  • People accessing dashboard overnight (US time) should see more realtime usage data (was being delayed a few minutes by some jobs we had running)
  • Fix issue where people manager access weren’t able to activate a SIM even though the organization had the balance to do so


Recent improvements:

  • Catch carrier error conditions in our system better to prevent things like missing SMS messages when carrier has an outage and try to be faster at resolving issues like a SIM stuck in the activation state
  • Fix issue where an account refill might trigger twice on a new account when auto refill is enabled while activating
  • Fix some typos on Dashboard
  • Better communication of service alerts on Dashboard