API/Dashboard Updates


Deployed this week:

  • Made device tagging API endpoints a little easier to use by not requiring orgid to be sent if the devices are on a custom org. (Though the devices should match the org of the tag. See docs for more info)
  • Device tagging should also be much faster now when tagging a large number of devices
  • Improvements to shipping emails


Deployed over last couple weeks:

  • Fix issue with dashboard not refreshing SIM status after pause and resume
  • Couple billing fixes
  • Laying some groundwork for some new features coming soon

Spacebridge incoming IP address range for firewall

Deployed over last couple of weeks:

  • A SIM hitting it’s overage limit will now trigger a message in the cloud with the _DATALIMIT_ tag so you can subscribe to it and trigger routes.
  • Various fixes and performance improvements


New version (0.8.2) of the Nova Python SDK is out. See changes at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hologram-io/hologram-python/master/CHANGELOG.md


Deployed over the last couple days:

  • Fixes to larger activations
  • More shipping options available for larger SIM card orders (especially with packs) and more free shipping options in some cases


Deployed today:

  • Get bulk tower location data by setting withlocation=true on the /devices API call. (Previously location data would only work when looking at a single device.) See API docs for more information.


Deployed last couple days:

  • Device objects on /devices now show latest IMEI value for device. We will show the IMEI and the IMEISV. Previously only IMEISV was shown on lastsession object. IMEI was added as this is usually what will match the label on the physical device.
  • Can now search devices by imei with ?imei=<imei> and ?imei-sv=<imeisv> URL parameters
  • New SIM inventory feature. (More information on this coming soon.)
  • Fix issue that sometimes prevented people from updating email address.
  • Fix some bugs people were seeing with activation and give better error messages for some failure cases.


Sorry for lack of updates in this thread for a while. Had some good stuff deployed recently:

  • Dashboard now shows more usable data size units for usage data
  • A bunch of optimizations to the cloud data message endpoint and GET requests in general
  • Updated the REST API documentation on our website. Feel free to post a thread if we forgot anything important
  • Hoping to unveil some cool new features for you all soon


Some notable recent deployments:

  • Connection details on the device page will now show the technology being used by the connection (2G, 3G, or LTE) if the carrier is able to report that data to us
  • Routes let you flip between an OR and AND comparison for the topics you select. This will let you build routes that only match if all of the topics on the route are on the message. Previously, all routes were OR which meant they would fire if any of the topics on the route were on the message.
  • We have deployed more sophisticated rate limiting to maintain quality of service on the API. Most people probably won’t ever run into it, but if you are making too many requests you’ll receive a 429 response. See docs for more information.


Deployed over last couple weeks:

  • Improvements to data engine reliability should make rules fire much quicker after receiving message
  • Data messages to devices should be more reliable on Cat-M
  • Error responses to data messages are more clear about what happened instead of saying “socket timeout” for everything
  • All SMS messages sent to SIMs will now trigger a message in the data engine as well. The message will be tagged with _SMS_DT_ and the device ID
  • Lots of little bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Laying groundwork for new dashboard features coming soon

Why are inbound SMS being echoed??

Deployed today:

  • Device data messages (inbound to device) will now be saved in your message log with the topic _API_DT_
  • Fixed issue preventing some users from accepting their organization invite


Deployed last few days:

  • SIM shipments to the EU are much cheaper
  • More accurate delivery estimates in the store


Read about our major new Preflight feature here: