API/Dashboard Updates


Deployed this week:

  • Made device tagging API endpoints a little easier to use by not requiring orgid to be sent if the devices are on a custom org. (Though the devices should match the org of the tag. See docs for more info)
  • Device tagging should also be much faster now when tagging a large number of devices
  • Improvements to shipping emails


Deployed over last couple weeks:

  • Fix issue with dashboard not refreshing SIM status after pause and resume
  • Couple billing fixes
  • Laying some groundwork for some new features coming soon

Spacebridge incoming IP address range for firewall

Deployed over last couple of weeks:

  • A SIM hitting it’s overage limit will now trigger a message in the cloud with the _DATALIMIT_ tag so you can subscribe to it and trigger routes.
  • Various fixes and performance improvements


New version (0.8.2) of the Nova Python SDK is out. See changes at https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hologram-io/hologram-python/master/CHANGELOG.md


Deployed over the last couple days:

  • Fixes to larger activations
  • More shipping options available for larger SIM card orders (especially with packs) and more free shipping options in some cases