[Solved] No USB connection after update

I have just received my first dash (1.2 rev E). I was following the getting started guide and uploaded the hologram_dash_cloud example and I was prompted to do a firmware update which I also did.
I went to install the dash_repl_basic example and I couldn’t find the USB port.
I have checked on a few Macs and the USB is not listed ls -al /dev/cu*

I am using a powered hub. I found a similar closed post without a solution

What am I missing?

Turns out the Dash rev E is programmed via HID so no serial port selection is required in the Arduino IDE to load a program.
Unless the sketch you load initializes a serial port there will not be one available in the ports menu.

The documentation is incorrect https://hologram.io/docs/guide/dash/programming-and-firmware/#arduino-ide

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