Does Spacebridge work properly for anyone?

I have tried using an E303 and Nova R410 modem and when there is no activity over Spacebridge I stop being able to communicate with my device. It’s as if the modem becomes idle and doesn’t accept any inbound connections until I initiate network traffic from the device to wake it up.

Support has not been helpful either since they said that my modem might have a limitation and I would need to send a ping every once in a while. The alternative they recommended was to purchase a Nova, so I just got the R410 and I now I am in the same position as before.

The only thing I have been able to do is force my E303 modem to only use 2G: Keeping pppd connection alive?

No documentation talks about any limitations of modems going into an idle mode or how we are suppose use Spacebridge without losing connectivity. Am I just doing something wrong? I would just like to hear from someone who has actually had no issues using Spacebridge.

It also looks like there are a lot of people having issues with Spacebridge and there is never a clear conclusion/response to the issues. Here are a few examples of these threads:

Additional notes about my situation:

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