[solved]How to program the "hologram dash" after to update firmware (don´t appear in my COM port in arduino IDE)


Hi good night I am new in the world of hologram dasboard, I am doing my frist proyect in my hologram das, but I have a lot of questions, the first is that I don’t know how program and configure the hologram dash, I am reading the guide posted in the hologram page about how start with yor first proyect, I was working perfectly using the guide:

I could to install the library and update the firmware but after to update the firmware the port COM in the arduino IDE don´t apear, I read that after to update the firmware, the dashoard only works whit usb HID, It is the first question, now that my arduino IDE don’t recognize my COM port when I conect the dashboard to my PC with windows 7 32 bits How can I program the hologram dash?, Sorry for this cuestion, may be it is very basic and ridiculus but I need your support, Thanks.


I believe this is the same as this question though on a different platform:

Did you also follow this since you are on an older version of windows?

I will follow up with the Dash team to see if there is anything they know about this issue


Is the same, I had read it but in the final the final answer was that the hoogram dash is programed for USB HID, I know it, I need to Know how can I download my code to the dash, in this page you can see how download:


But the problem is that my arduino IDE do’t show the port COM don´t appear:


When I conect the dash to my computer it is recognize like USB HID, the problem is that I can´t download trought Aurduino IDE for HID, I Downloaded the alternative metod to download the program and firmware:


It work it, I could to download the program trought USB, now I dont´n know how is the correct format to program in the dash, for example, I found this page with a practices basics to start use the hologram dash:

I done the code in .TXT format,next I changed the format to .INO after I was downlad to the dash with:


It is posible but I don´t knonw if this is the correct form to download to the dash, what is the correct format that can I to download to the dash.

Respect to the driver I dwnloaded the driver form the page:


It work it perfectly until I update the firmware, after to the update disapear the port COM when I conect the dash, now it is recognize like USB HID.

Thask for the answer I hope your answer.


This thread might help: Com port


Make sure your sketch calls Serial.begin() or the COM port won’t show up.
The COM port isn’t used for programming so the programmer will work as long you push the program button on the board.


Thanks for your support I had could do it.

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